May 15 • 4M

Ep2. The Accident

A Poem by Nupur Josi

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In this episode we’ll hear Nupur Josi read her heart felt poem titled, The Accident. The poem is also part of the Written Tales Chapbook 2 collection.

I was eight years old 
in the middle of a beautiful summer night. 
After a dreary winter, 
when the whole world was slowly 
springing back to life, 
I saw a young man almost die.

That night I was out for an ice cream cone, 
holding my father’s hand 
skipping excitedly on an uneven tarmac road.

My world up until then 
had only been about cartoons, fairy tales 
and unicorns. 
My biggest dilemma that night 
was having to choose between the many flavors 
of an ice cream cone.

But it all changed 
the moment I heard the loud crash 
and that gut wrenching cry, 
and just like that at the tender age of eight, 
I learnt about human mortality 
and the fleeting nature of life…

He lay there, 
in a pool of his own blood, 
the glass shards from his motorcycle helmet 
sprinkled all over him like magic fairy dust

Against the grim darkness of the night, 
the little pieces of glass glittered 
like stars fallen from the sky, 
making it hard for me 
to not appreciate the morbid beauty 
in that tragic site.

Soon, an ambulance was called. 
And as they peeled him off 
the now crimson road, 
his body trembled, 
swinging like a broken pendulum 
dangerously between death and life.

By now my father had pulled me away 
from the accident site 
but he didn’t know, with me, 
something had forever changed inside.

I don’t remember which flavor of ice cream 
we finally got, 
but I do remember laying in my bed that night 
picturing the moment right before he crashed 
and wondering what must have run through his mind.

Did the pain numb out all his fears, 
or was he afraid as life flashed before his eyes? 
In those quiet moments 
between the painful gasps for air, 
did he make peace with the fact 
that tomorrow he may not be alive…

The next morning 
going to school, I stopped by the accident site. 
The blood was now gone 
and the world around 
had moved on with life.

It seemed to me 
the sun had only risen that morning 
to swallow up the tragedy of the night, 
but then a few pieces of glass caught my eye 
and I wondered again 
did the man live or did he die…

It took me many more summer days 
and summer nights 
to stop playing the accident 
again and again in my mind.

Now that I am a grown woman, 
death doesn’t surprise or scare me anymore, 
for I see it as a continuation of our lives, 
but today as I sit here and write, 
I can’t help but wonder

If that young man ever survived 
that beautiful summer night...

Nupur is a poet, writer and filmmaker living in India. You can listen to more of her on on her youtube channel, Nupur Joshi.

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