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Updated 5/18: New Written Tales Member Features

They are here!

The new features are here.

As a paid subscriber of Written Tales, you will:

  1. Be promoted by us across multiple social media platforms for maximum exposure.

  2. Have the opportunity to read amazing stories and poems that first appear in Written Tales Magazine & Newsletter.

  3. Be able to join in the fun of member-only submissions based on our writer’s corner prompts.

  4. Have an author profile page you can update and share.

  5. Be able to submit your poems and stories for review via our Written Tales website. Approved stories will be shared on the main site and in our newsletter—the same submission guidelines apply.

  6. Have the option to promote one of your books on our site based on our submission guidelines. I will work with you to list your book on the site.

  7. Have access to our member-only content on our main site & newsletter archives.

And most importantly, we promote our writing community. Become a paid member today and receive these fantastic benefits.

  • In the future, we will change the subscription for some of these new features for authors. All current paid subscribers will be grandfathered in. If you would like these features, sign up today and let me know. Thank you, Kevin

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