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About Written Tales

Written Tales gives new and seasoned writers a platform without censorship. A world stage where their work can reach maximum exposure through multiple channels.

Without creative arts, innovation dies. Society crumbles into the abyss of ignorance. And critical thinking, a lost art. Writers need an uncensored platform for their voices, and a community to help them grow. Because of this need, I personally fund the project because I believe in the cause. And any help along the journey is greatly appreciated.


However, we’re not reckless in what we publish, but open-minded. We believe in free speech and will protect it, even if we don’t agree with the author’s position. Some creative works may offend, others will bring happiness. It’s the beauty of a platform that does not restrict a person’s view. Again, we will not publish reckless writing. But writing that leads to lively debate, we will.

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Written Tales Magazine, bringing literature back to the forefront through poetry, short story, and prose. We're a magazine who helps writers become better writers and a place for readers to enjoy creative writing at its finest.


Written Tales
Bringing literature back to the forefront through poetry and short stories.