Video guy is pro-AI – shows how unsmart he is.

Yes, an April Fool’s joke, but very doable and a threat to all authors as well as other creatives (painters, actors, musicians).

Ink It is despicable.

Neither the video guy nor Ink It understand what it means to write and why people read. Readers don’t read their own ideas. They read OTHER people’s ideas. Otherwise, they would be writers. The video guy has no understanding of writing and reading.

As for compensation for using our work to “train” (a word used to “humanize” AI) these AI monstrosities, that should be done up front. Opt IN, not opt OUT. Don’t use our work without our permission. Anyone with a sense of ethics would do this, which means that the people doing the AI are NOT ethical.

To hell with the compensation. The video guy seems to think all we care about is money. That’s not the real issue. OWNERSHIP is the issue. Authors and other creatives should be able to say they do NOT want their work used.

Geeeez! He is equating us creatives wanting that ownership to people in the dark ages worried about the printing press. He says we writers are worried about our “power” as a writer being put in the hands of readers.

He just said that being an author and writing books is a PRIVILEGE. I’m tearing my hair out. What a jerk! And he admitted he uses AI in his books. Cheater! And he is totally wrong about most creatives NOT objecting to AI. Hardly!

Sorry, I had to stop watching at 11 minutes in. Total frigging asshole!

My Substack now states that it has no AI-generated content. And Substack needs to get rid of its AI image generator. That’s a slap in the face to artists out there (me included).

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I also refuse AI. It's hard as I have to check everything to see if A.I. is generated. So frustrating. I personally hate A.I. as I see how it's destroying so many jobs and livelihoods. And it makes people lazy. Now, I have to pay monthly fees for AI checkers to make sure what I am getting submitted is not AI generated. And to be honest, it's getting harder to spot. It's becoming harder to run a magazine, especially as most want it free and do not realize the cost to keep it going. I hear you!

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The editors of Analog and Asimov's SF Mag have posted that their submissions jumped from 700-800 per month to 1100-1200 per month, with the excess being AI generated. It is affecting (very negatively) the publishing world. Hope you can hang in there. I promote the issue where my story appears as much as I can.

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