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Ep1: The Resurrection

Ep1: The Resurrection

A Rondeau Poem by Lucy O’Briain

In this episode, we will read the poem “Resurrection” by Lucy O’Briain. It’s written in the Rondeau form and captures the spirit of Easter.

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The day comes when the earth will cheer.
The season speaks for all to hear.
Darkness dies as the Son does rise;
He moves towards the brightened skies;
The clouds open as He appears.

Beating death like a pioneer,
He brings us to our new frontier:
We’ll live our lives with no more cries.
The earth will cheer.

The day of death, we no more fear.
The love delivered, crystal clear.
The world watches for him to rise,
Others see the beautiful prize —
Life eternal above the sphere;
The earth will cheer.

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