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The Call of the True North

The Call of the True North

Poem by Donna Faulkner née Miller

In this episode Donna Faulkner née Miller will read her story, “The Call of the True North”.

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Donna has been published in Havik, Tarot Poetry, Fieldstone Review, East Midlands Writing, Takahē: Hua/ Manu, and others.Forthcoming work in Etherea Magazine. You can find her online at https://linktr.ee/donnafaulkner

Written Tales Magazine
The Call Of True North
You can purchase Written Tales Magazine on Amazon in print or digital format, or become a paid subscriber and download your favorite editions. Part IStorming the horizon, Blackish clouds of chaos conjure foreboding. We stood upon the threshold- time and space between, when the void whispered its warning. Find true north, turn back to the age of fable. Where the eagle dreams and rogue fairies indulge in tea parties with toads that choose to remain kissed toads and have no desire to be Princes…
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